Restore Dumping File back to Card

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo nfc-mfclassic -h


Usage: nfc-mfclassic r|R|w|W a|b [ [f]]
r|R|w|W - Perform read from (r) or unlocked read from (R) or write to (w) or unlocked write to (W) card
*** note that unlocked write will attempt to overwrite block 0 including UID
*** unlocked read does not require authentication and will reveal A and B keys
*** unlocking only works with special Mifare 1K cards (Chinese clones)
a|A|b|B - Use A or B keys for action; Halt on errors (a|b) or tolerate errors (A|B)
- MiFare Dump (MFD) used to write (card to MFD) or (MFD to card)
- MiFare Dump (MFD) that contain the keys (optional)
f - Force using the keyfile even if UID does not match (optional)

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo nfc-mfclassic W A cardtocopy.dmp


NFC reader: SCM Micro / SCL3711-NFC&RW opened
Found MIFARE Classic card:
ISO/IEC 14443A (106 kbps) target:
ATQA (SENS_RES): 00 04
UID (NFCID1): 01 23 45 67
Guessing size: seems to be a 1024-byte card
Sent bits: 50 00 57 cd
Sent bits: 40 (7 bits)
Received bits: a (4 bits)
Sent bits: 43
Received bits: 0a
Writing 64 blocks |................................................................|
Done, 64 of 64 blocks written.

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