The Software include in Mifare Live CD

nfc-anticol - Demonstration of NFC anti-collision tool
nfc-dep-initiator - send/received data as D.E.P. initiator
nfc-dep-target - send/received data as D.E.P. target
nfc-emulate-forum-tag2 - NFC Forum tag type 2 emulation
nfc-emulate-forum-tag4 - NFC Forum tag type 4 emulation
nfc-emulate-tag - Simple tag emulation command line
nfc-emulate-uid - NFC target emulation command line
nfc-list - list NFC targets
nfc-mfclassic - MIFARE Classic command line tool
nfc-mfsetuid -M1 special card UID setting and recovery
nfc-mfultralight - MIFARE Ultralight command line tool
nfc-poll - poll first available NFC target
nfc-read-forum-tag3 - Extract NDEF Tag Type 3
nfc-relay - Relay attack command line tool
nfc-relay-picc - Relay for ISO14443-4
nfc-scan-device - Scan NFC devices

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